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Re-Framing: Rebuttal

     In marketing terms, reframing means “altering the discussion.”  In the coming weeks, you will be creating and shifting several discussions, not because they need to be re-worked, but because you need to persuade your customer.  

        Let’s start simple: read the brief article below, and watch Rory Sutherland explain how reframing a discussion can lead to motivation.  Then, in the box provided, write a Rebuttal to the article’s argument — don’t make an enemy out of the writer, just reframe his discussion and gently persuade him according to Sutherland’s principles (be sure to cite them when you use them — embed).  

     Before doing this, read over the 12 Ego Artchetypes and, as you write, try and classify/re-frame the discussion accordingly.

Sweat the Small Stuff, Rory Sutherland

Saying Goodbye to My Child, Michael Gerson

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