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Close to Home — SP 2.1

     Socrates’s most famous motto — “know thyself” — was dangerous enough to get him killed.  Freud, according to Century of Self, was considered the most dangerous man in Vienna for introducing psychoanalysis.  The greatest fear of a culture will be people who begin to look to themselves for insight, thus calling into question the social structure.  To paraphrase Plato: “If the prisoners come to realize their own existence, the guardians lose their power.

     In this quarter, we will be examining life in the cave, your cave — the world you live in, and the mind you occupy.  To examine both, we will be doing a combination of cultural exercises, and, on this page, self-reflection exercises.

     Literary/Cultural Criticism is interesting, but maybe not outright essential.  However, your experience with it can give you a little bit of clarity if you apply it to something you know well: yourself!  


Below, you will find 5 Critical Schools with links attached.  In your final portfolio, you will have 5 Critical Reflections of yourself wherein you apply the critical theories we have studied in class.  These reflections will follows the instructions on the page.  The final product (writings, evaluations) will be PAPERCLIPPED TOGETHER and PLACED IN YOUR FINAL PORTFOLIO:

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