UW in the Classroom


In class we have done a Treatment and a Mise-en-Scene on The Story of Your Life.  In film making, there is a process, First, you have the pitch, where you sell your story to a producer.  Second, you have the treatment, which summarizes the story on the whole.  Last, then, is the script: the place where your story comes alive.


Now it’s time for you to put flesh to the bones of your story.  Looking at the example above, you need to write a 1-2 page script that demonstrates what you know about plotting, shots, lighting, dialogue, and sound.  For the assignment, take a moment from your Treatment — something different than your Mise-en-Scene — and show “the moment that you see.”

Since it is only one page, you need to think closely about:


  • Linear — tells the story from beginning to end
  • Delineated — tells the story from different perspectives


  • Tracking
  • Trucking
  • Still
  • Neutral
  • Pan


  • High
  • Low
  • Neutral
  • Tracking/Trucking
  • Tilt


  • High-Key
  • Low-Key
  • Neutral
  • Back, Front, Side


  • Diegetical — dialogue
  • Non-Diegetical — O.S. (Off-Screen: music, voices, sounds)

Like all literature, the scene is the place you make an impression.  You have looked visually at a moment in your film; now let your words create the vision and tone.  What would this moment in time look like, sound like, feel like?  You have limited space: leave an impression!

You will be graded on the following:

  1. Overall Tone — The impression you leave
  2. Attention to Details — follow the example closely
  3. Demonstration of all the factors fitting together (you do not have much space — be wise)

Do the Assignment on Google Docs and share to uw_thomas@icloud.com.