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Discovering Worlds Past and Present

Outcome #2

 To read, analyze, synthesize & use complex texts as evidence

  • Understands the texts used in the course
  • Incorporates course texts into writing for the sake of argumentation
  • Interacts with the varying voices used within the classroom
  • Writer presents global perspective 

     Characterization is not about what the characters do (that is the textual evidence), but what the character wants (motivation – abstraction).  This assignment asks you to consider what we cannot see in the novel.

      In preparation for fourth quarter, you are going to write a one-page (1.5 space) script between two of the characters in the novel. Different from most scripts, though, this will be an internal dialogue — meaning: the characters are in the room, they are face to face, but you are TRACKING THEIR THOUGHTS and actions.  This needs to be a scene written in the form of a script and needs to accomplish the following:

Contain two characters from the novel (one has to be Changez)

Address the primary conflict facing the characters

Synthesize Information through Chapter 10 (reveal most up-to-date facts in the dialogue)

Incorporate outside voices you have studied/heard related to the themes of the class

Convey not what the character does, but what they want

      For your analysis, reacting to the 4-Points of Outcome 2 above.  For analysis, hand in two copies (one clean, one annotated).  On the annotated copy (arrows, writing in the margins, written explanations): 

Show how you have incorporated the elements of this outcome

Demonstrate where you have used outside voices

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