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Outcome #1:

To write using different strategies for varied writing situations

  • Employ style, tone, conventions appropriate for situations
  • Write for formal and informal audiences and contexts 
  • Write using strategies that persuade the audience
  • Understand & articulate the impact and effect of different strategies

     Looking at the strategies above, write in response to the articles below and answer the following prompt:

Where do fundamentalists come from? 

  • Article #1
  • Article #2 (longer article — will take some time)
  • Article #3

This will require two (brief – one page, 1.5 space) writings, one formal (from the Inside-Out using citations from the articles and the documentary), the other informal (from the Outside-In starting with a thematic claim).  You will be writing for two different situations:

Writing 1 

  • As a psychiatrist, after having interviewed a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay (click if you don’t know what it is),   you will write a case study giving your results on the psychological condition of your client.

Writing 2 

  • Letter to your son, warning him of the potential dangers of fundamentalism

When you’re finished, write (on a half-sheet of paper) a brief explanation of your strategies, reacting to the 4-Points of Outcome 1 above.  Frame it in the form of a They Say/I Say.  Enter into a conversation with the Outcome: 

“UW says I should . . . When I wrote as a psychiatrist, I found _______________, and/but as a parent . . .”

Handing It In:

  1. Word Document – Hard Copy Evaluation 
  2. Submit Electronic Copy — Google Docs shared to uw_thomas@icloud.com

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