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Discovering Worlds Past and Present

     In class we have talked about the different levels of questions:

  • Level 1 – Basic Recal (Where was Martin Born?)
  • Level 2 – Context (What does the setting say about the early 1900s?)
  • Level 3 – Interpretive (At this point in the novel, what do hotels represent?)

     The first two are concrete, meaning you can see them.  The last is abstract.  As an effective writer and reader, you be able to see and write about both: “make your concretes abstract and your abstracts concrete” or “Make your pictures words and your words pictures.”  

     Therefore, here is your assignment:  This week, you should have started reading Martin Dressler.  In the box below, create three levels of questions.  For each question write a response based on your reading (concrete details), and make sure that you integrate how the picture of that scene helps you understand the theme of the section (abstract lesson).  

      Don’t worry about being right, and don’t say you can’t do it (or that it is stupid).  You do it all the time:  a friend walks down the hall with a scowl (picture), he doesn’t talk to anyone all day (context), he must want to be left alone (theme).  You cannot see subtext; you can only make a guess.

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