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        Alright, I get it: you don’t like Shakespeare.  You don’t understand the language and the guys wear tights!  Good for you, then, that I don’t need you to understand what is going on.  Remember: this is film class, and with film we let the pictures do the talking.  Therefore, watch this scene below.  If you are watching at school, you probably can’t hear it anyway.  Watch the scene carefully, take note of angles and light.  After watching, answer the questions below:

                              * How are angles used to show power and control?

                    * What kind of lighting was used, and for what effect?

     The scene alternates between Othello (a jealous husband) and Iago (a meddling liar).  Iago wants Othello to distrust Desdemona (Othello’s wife) because that will weaken Othello’s position and Iago can then steal it.  This scene, then, is one where Othello is trying to figure out who to believe — himself or Iago.  What about this scene (setting, lighting, shots, movements, sounds – if you have it) helps the director (Orson Welles) convey meaning?  Explain in a deductive response paragraph format.

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