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     Alfred Hitchcock scared people.  He’s not so much horrifying — like today’s over-the-top horror films — as much as psyhologically horrifying.  The way he uses the camera creates a thematic atmosphere where the characters are prisoners to a situation.  

     Below you will see a couple of famous Hitchcock scenes.  As you watch, think to yourself what he is trying to do and answer the questions below (in full sentences) as you piece together all the effects this great director puts into place.

North by Northwest

                     * What does Hitchcock do to make this scene suspenseful?

                     * How does he show the character’s vulnerability?

                     * What makes this (admittedly ridiculous) scene frightening?

Rear Window:.

                     * Why so many long shots?

                     * Why use only diagetic sounds?

                     * Who will be the main character?  How do you know this?

                     * Who will the minor characters be?  How do you know this?

                     * What role will setting play in this film?

Paragraph Response: 

     In a well written Deductive Response Paragraph using the terminology of the article, write an response to the prompt: “How does Hitchcock establish tension between his film and his audience?”

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