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Stock Characters

     You are blessed to live in the age of entertainment that you do.  We have learned how to tell a story, learned how to film it, and learned how to leave a lasting impression.  Contrast that to the shows you watched today Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best — is there much take away?  The plot is simple, the filiming is basic, and the characters (by today’s standards) are ridiculous.  

     That said, this was our culture.  Therefore, in this blog you will assume the role of Anthropolgist — someone who studies the origins of culture.  Some have said that TV is social engineering, meaning it would shape how people thought and behaved.  Read the following two articles and see if you agree:

     Then write a brief (6-10 sentence), Classical Argument that answers the prompt: 

What does 1950’s TV tell you about the culture’s values and how do you respond?

     Make sure you show all sides of the argument, and make sure your opinion is not just a claim, but a response to your reading and viewing.

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