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Ethical Umbrella:

Today we talked of ethical decision making models — 4 Umbrella Term (Religious/Legal/Ethical/Scientific) and 5 Outcomes (Morals, Virtues, Outcomes, Principles, Care).  

In this exercise, write an Deductive Paragraph (Answer at the Beginning) that combines an Umbrella Terms with an Outcome Term (Religious-Outcomes, Ethical-Care) and tell me your decision making perspective.  In the paragraph, give three ways that you understand yourself as such, showing cause and effect with details of your life-decisions.

Secondly, in another Inductive Paragraph (Answer at the End), explain which decision making model you definitely ARE NOT!  Compare your perspective to their perspective; take an issue (any issue will do): explain how they might respond, and then how you would respond to them (They Say/I Say)

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