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Discovering Worlds Past and Present

Interview with an Archetype:

Today, in class, you took an archetype quiz that listed you as one of 5 Different Archetypes.  With that information, take the other three quizzes below (they will not always be exactly the same — use Definition of Archetypes, if you need), and figure out the consistencies between the findings and your personality.

Once you have finished: 

  • LABEL YOURSELF (give yourself an archetypal designation — wanderer, wizard, outlaw — according to your results and the Definition of Archetypes) and label the top of your response
  • INTERVIEW conduct and interview with yourself and your archetype (try to approach yourself objectively, and let the archetype speak for itself

Create a 5-Point definition for your archetype and ask the questions related to those bullet-points.  Use the text to create a conversation; weave in the words from your quizzes and your assessment.  Follow a specific pattern (Example): 

Thomas: I see you “see in others what they cannot see in themselves”

Wizard: I often work with students who do not understand what the future looks like.  I know how to connect the dots and show possibilities

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